New User

To create a new user, select that  button. The following screen will appear:

Figure 12: New User


This screen is comprised of four (4) sections:

5.  Employer Information;

6.  Personal Information;

7.  Roles; and

8.  Custom Authorizations (upon selecting this section it details the features available to enable for a new user).


Figure 13: Custom Authorizations


Steps to follow:

1.    Complete the required fields (indicated by an *).

2.    Select the role to be assigned to the user.

3.    Select the  button to assign the role.

Figure 14: Assign Roles


Note: The roles selected are transferred to the list of selected roles (as made evident in the previous figure).



4.    Upon completing the previous steps, select the Accept  button to register the information entered.


The application will confirm the new user registration by way of a message displayed on the DTRH Clients Management main page indicating that the user (name) was created.


The system then sends a message to the new users e-mail address indicating the necessary credentials for access to the Portal.


Figure 15: New User Created Confirmation Message