Edit Employee Wages

The Edit Employee Wages feature allows the Employer to modify information pertaining to a particular employee.

Steps to follow:

1.  Enter the credentials to access the Portal.

2.  Select the Income Tax tab. A general description of the service will appear.

3.  Select the Wage Statement (Payroll) option.

4.  Select the year and tax quarter desired. The Edit Payroll screen will then be displayed.



Figure 25: Edit Employee Wages

5.  Select the  button to view the Edit Wages screen.

Figure 26: Edit Employee Wages

6.  Modify the registered information as needed.

The screen is divided into four (4) sections:

1)  Employee Information

2)  Income Tax Exemption

3)  Accumulated Wages

4)  Calculated Paid Wages


Employee Information

The Employee Information section contains the following fields:

      Paternal Last Name

      Mother’s Maiden Name

      First Name

      Middle Name

      Wages Paid

      Hours Worked


The information may be modified according to the Employer’s needs as well as completing the required fields (those marked with an *).

Income Tax Exemption


The Income Tax Exemption section is comprised of the following fields:


    Unemployment Exemption; and

    Disability Exemption.


Each of these fields may be selected separately, in this way allowing for the configuration of particular exemptions for each of the employees.

Accumulated Wages


The Accumulated Wages section contains two (2) fields. The first field indicates what the accumulated wages filed for an employee for previous quarters were. The second field allows for the modification of that value in order to execute the Paid Wages calculation.


Important: This feature should be used in the event a quarter’s corresponding electronic file was not executed. Enter the correct accumulated wages into the second field and select the Recalculate  button to view the paid wages to be used in the calculation.

Calculated Paid Wages


The Calculated Paid Wages section contains two (2) fields. The first field indicates the paid unemployment wages. The second field indicates the paid disability wages. Both fields change upon selecting the Recalculate  button when a new accumulated wage is entered.