The Payroll feature allows an employer to register wages for each of their employees within a selected quarter.

They may:

•      Import an active payroll;

•      Copy a payroll from a previously filed quarter; or

•      Manually enter information for each of their employees.


This feature also allows the employer to perform other actions, such as:

•      Print the payroll entered into the system; and

•      Export the payroll for a particular quarter.

Document naming format

It is crucial that file names follow the following format: they must begin with 'WAGES' followed by the year and quarter. For example, WAGES241 for the first quarter of 2024.

Examples of valid file names are:

Files can have .dat or .txt extensions to be accepted.


DTRH User Only


If it is a Department of Labor user, a Represent Employer screen will appear before accessing the Payroll screen. Please refer to the Represent Employer section for additional information.



Steps to follow:

1.  Enter the credentials to access the Portal.

2.  Select the Income Tax tab. A general description of the service will appear.

3.  Select the Wage Statement (Payroll) option which will then display the following screen:



Figure 1: Payroll


This screen indicates:

•      The Employer’s information

•      The income tax year for which the user desires to enter wage information. (The user may change the year by selecting the ,pull down menu that displays the years for which they may declare wages)

•      The quarters pertaining to the year selected.

•      The quarter status within the application, which can be:

Not Filed; or


Note: Only the quarter information will be displayed for the operations performed through the Employer Services Portal. If a user has filed by way of the DTRH, they will not be able to view the quarter as filed nor will they be able to view the payroll entered.

4.  Indicate a quarter by selecting the one to be utilized or by choosing the  icon to view the Edit Payroll screen.



Edit Payroll


Wage File Specifications


New Register



Delete Payroll

Edit Employee Wages