Edit Payroll

The Edit Payroll feature allows the user to:

      View the employer information and the quarter being worked with;

      Indicate the income tax exemption for the entire payroll. If the tax exemption only applies to some of the employees, the user must then indicate each employee separately (as demonstrated in the New Register and Edit Employee Wages section further on);

      Filter the payroll according to the subsequent fields. For this select the Filter Registries option which will enable the fields to be used in order to complete this task.

Figure 2: Edit Payroll Filter


Select all or none of the filters and click on the Filter button to view a payroll applicable to your needs.


Note: To view all of the registries, select the View All Registries  option.


      View the payroll containing the following information:

Type of Register:

Imported (I)

Copied (C)

Manually Entered (M)

SSN: Social Security Number

First and Last Name

Paid Wages

Paid Unemployment Wages

Paid Disability Wages

Edit:  Will direct the user to the Edit Employee Wages screen

Delete:  By selecting this button the application will request that the user confirm the removal of the register by way of the following message:

Figure 3: Delete Register

      Allows the user to access the following features:



New Register:



Delete Payroll:



Figure 4: Edit Payroll