The Import feature allows the user to load a complete payroll with wages from a file. For this, the user must utilize a file with the corresponding format.

To complete the register, the user must perform two (2) steps:

1.  Step 1 Allows the user to load the text file containing the information of the new employees. This file may have a .txt or .dat extension. For additional information please refer to the Wage File Specifications section.

2.  Step 2 Corresponds to the verification of the information entered into the system.


Steps to follow:

1.  Enter the credentials to access the Portal.

2.  Select the Income Tax tab. A general description of the service will appear.

3.  Select the Wage Statement (Payroll) option.

4.  Select the tax year and quarter desired. The Edit Payroll screen will be displayed.


Figure 5: Import Button

5.  Select the Import button to proceed.  If that payroll already had wages registered, they will be lost. The payroll will be deleted and completed with the newly imported file content. The following message will be displayed:


Figure 6: Import Warning

6.  Upon continuing, the following message will be displayed:

Figure 7: Import Wages

7.  Select the  button to choose the file containing the wages to be registered.

A window will be displayed which will allow the user to select the file to be utilized.

Once the file has been chosen, select the Open  button to return to the Import Wages screen that contains the file ready to be imported.

8.  Once the user is able to view the route of the file to be registered, select the  button to load the selected file.

Figure 8: Importing a File

The following screen will be displayed after selecting the load button.

Figure 9: Loaded File

In the event the wrong file has been entered, select the  button in order to reselect the corresponding file.

9.  After having loaded the file with the new wage information, select the  button to verify the data being entered into the system.

Figure 10: Verify Information

10. Once the information being entered to the list has been verified, the Total Registries read, Registries Corrected and the incorrect information reviewed, select the  button to save the new wages into the system.

Important: If the information entered contains errors or the information to be registered is incorrect, select the  button to load the file with the correct data. The application will not allow the user to continue when the information entered contains errors.


Upon completion, the following confirmation message will be displayed:

Figure 11: Import Confirmation Message