Client Management for Employer Administrators

DTRH User Only


Client Management for Employer Administrator is a feature that may only be accessed by the DTRH.

This feature allows for:

      The creation of new users or Employer Administrators;

      Disable users accounts;

      Enable user accounts;

      Unblock user accounts;

      Reset passwords; and

      Configure the features available to each particular user.

For this they must Represent an Employer, for more information refer to the Represent Employer Section.



Steps to follow:

1.  Enter the credentials required to access the Portal.

2.  Select the Administration tab. A general description of the service will appear.

3.  Select the Clients Management for Employer Administrator option to be directed to the screen that permits execution of the aforementioned tasks.


Figure 6: Client Management Employer for Employer Administrator



New Users

Edit User



Reset Password