History of Quarters Filed Through the Portal


The History of Quarters Filed through the Portal feature allows the user to obtain a report of the quarters filed through the Portal during a specific time period.


DTRH User Only


This feature is only available for Department of Labor and Human Resources users.



A series of fields is made available to the user which may or may not be completed, allowing for modification of the report to suit the users needs.


The filters that may be applied are:

      From Tax Quarter

      To Tax Quarter

      From Date Filed

      To Date Filed


If the Filter Registry option is selected, the following filters will then become available:

      State Employer Account Number

      Employer Name

      Company Name


Steps to follow:

1.  Enter the credentials required to access the Portal.

2.  Select the Administration tab. A general description of the service will appear.

3.  Select the History of Quarters Settled through the Portal option to be directed to the following screen:


Figure 26: History of Quarters Settled Through the Portal


4.  Complete the required fields in order to modify the report and select the Generate Report  button. This will generate a report with the following information:



      User who generated the report


The filters used in the search include:

      From To Tax Quarters

      From To File Date


The list is comprised of the following fields:

      State  Employer Account Number

      Tax Quarter

      File Date

      Employer Name

      Total Unemployment

      Total Disability


The following totals are displayed:

      Sum Total Unemployment

      Sum Total Disability

      Total of Income Taxes Filed during the period


Figure 27: History of Quarters Filed



5.  Select the print  button to print the generated report.

      The system provides the option to export the report to the following formats:




Acrobat (PDF)

Web File



To do this you must first select the format followed by the  button as displayed in the following image:


Figure 28: Exporting Report


Note: To obtain another report or modify the fields utilized to generate it, you must once again complete the fields with the updated information and select the Generate Report  button.